The billionaire and the puaper have the same goals, the difference is the behaviours, habits and identity  - i.e DAILY ACTIONS.
"Habits and deliberate goal pursuit guide actions synergistically... habits are the efficient, default mode of response."
How do our daily actions create our reality, this may seem obvious but in this episode, I dive into some of the research and thinking around habits and goals.
A lot of people come to me with a challenge around "strategy, tactics, process". Usually not the biggest barriers, I know from my life..
Information is in abundance, implementation is what we struggle with and tear ourselves apart trying to unpick.
  1. Objectivity - Do some first principles thinking - challenge your beliefs (move away from 'isms and dogma)
            1. Out of your head - get around people that challenge your thinking and attitude
  2. Action fixes everything.

Reference link to the paper I discuss.


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