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Jamie Webb - is a self-confessed muscle geek. Jamie is constantly seeking out and researching new ideas and approaches from around the physiotherapy world. 


We dive deep into how the body works and specifically how stress manifests in the body... We are all carrying around huge amounts of stress in our muscles and it can cause pain but what does it mean when it "hurts". Jamie and I discuss how pain can manifest and what it might mean to you.

Injuries and physical pain is Jamie's business but what lurks beneath the pain?

Pain is not necessarily the problem and how do you go about finding out what the deeper issue might be?


My Favourite bits:


How are you perceiving fitness, is it a crutch, an outlet, or part of a healthy life?

Emotional vs Physical Stress

How is stress manifesting in your body and where it might manifest

What is the "Anything that works" approach?



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