Dr Nichola Conlon – How to reverse the ageing process -what you need to know.

Join Nick this week for the latest episode. We discuss Human Longevity with Dr Nichola Conlon a true scientific pioneer and expert in the ageing process.

There aren’t many certainties in life but, one certainty is, that we will get old. “How” we get old is not fixed and can be influenced. Getting old and ageing can be two different things dependant on some serious factors that anyone with an interest in living a long healthy life should be very interested in….Sound like you?

Well, in my mind it is pretty much everyone.

One of my frustration in sharing my message about health and fitness is the assumption that we hit a certain age whether it’s 40,50, 60 or 70 and its all downhill. It is not, a given fact, that fitness and health decline and my guest today is an expert in human longevity and the factors that affect the ageing process in the human body. Want to understand how to influence your “health-span” and live a longer, healthier life? Listen in to this episode with Dr Nichola Conlon on Longevity and ageing.


My favourites nuggets:

How the body ages, until recently a very poorly understood phenomenon.

Factors that affect our ageing bodies

The key ingredient to reversing your cellular age

Senescence – What is it and why you should care

Supplementing NAD to boost cell regeneration

How the best medicine backed by research doesn’t make it to market

Don’t think that you are on a down hill path to ill health, no matter what your age – appropriate knowledge, wisdom and action can reverse your health – Shift your paradigm and change your narrative.


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