Jumping straight in to a Coaches Corner where Matt Strong is welcomed on to the podcast, we dive straight into Matt's view on fitness with a long road of experience to draw from.


3.23: Creatine, why we both agree it is a positive supplement and the clear benefits for pretty much everyone.


6.20: Matt's current personal approach and specific regime to stay in shape as a coach, including the "dark place" he takes himself to.


11.56: How to tackle training as a new dad and how we see guys falling of the wagon of fitness - and how to overcome that.


19.38: Exercise selection and how to unpick what a good fitness strategy might look like for you, we are all different.


23.45: Creating a safe space to "get fit" and meeting guy where they are at to ensure a sustainable approach and coaching relationship.


32.26: Nick's journey to fitness and why he values it more than emergency medicine.


Find Matt at www.strongerbynurture.com



Catch up with nick at the NEW website





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