What does the shape of your foot have to do with your long term health....? 
Are you over looking how strong and healthy your feet are?
Well, true health doesn't preclude your feet, in fact they are the foundation for everything we do. Healthy, strong feet are probably the most overlooked part of us.
Nick's mission to is to raise awareness of what it means to be healthy. He heads up a community of health advocates helping people to build strong, functional and pain free bodies and they start with the foundations, your feet.
His journey has lead him deep into the "why" behind health and what it actually means to be string, healthy and pain-free.
If you are stuck in the "fitness loop" where pain equals gain and it's becoming tiresome, then listen up....the discussion on why fitness does not provide a long-term solution and why movement and health should be fun and engaging.
My favourite bits of this episode:
  • What you can do to build a strong healthy foundation
  • Why foot strength and health matters
  • How overlooking the fundamentals and foundations of healthy feet is condemning us to a painful life
  • Why so many people are stuck in a loop that does not bring long term health and meaning to life
  • Nick's definition of what  it is to be healthy and how you can shift your thinking on what it means to you to be healthy
  • The Foot Collective and what a global community can achieve
  • Defining your own goals and results to actually achieve a meaningful outcome
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