Join Nick and self-confessed Truth Addict, Brendan Murphy, on a roller coaster ride to dig deep into the answers to finding health.


I am proud to bring you, Brendan, in this episode of Elemental Health Podcast. he is a true seeker and is the happiest unpacking some of the most controversial topics on the state of current health and the global pandemic.


The lines have become blurred between right, wrong and support vs control.


Favourite bits:

Global policy based on a theory that is widely accepted as wrong for over 100 years and what you need to know.

Identity is at the core of your freedom - find the key to unlock it.

Challenges programs to make progress - we all carry around these cultural dogmas that are holding us back.


Brendan is an expert in helping people to bring health together and joining the dots between Spiritual health, physical health and freedom.


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** Apologies Brendan for cutting off there first few minutes - tech slip up during production.


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