Please welcome this weeks special guest, Selena Bartlett; Visionary, Entrepreneur. Innovator; Addiction Neuroscientist, Pharmacist, Fundraiser.
Ever wondered who is running the show up there (in your head) and why we find ourselves down strange a devious paths and what your evolutionary DNA is telling you to do? This week we are going to stop you wondering and dive into some of the hard science behind how we really think. Selena has been in the field of neuroscience and specifically addiction habits for nearly 30 years.
This conversation blew my mind, no pun intended. The amazing research Selena has done and the thought that she has put in to how us common people can relate and understand the  most vital arts is astounding.
Understanding the capacity of the brain to change
Survival is hard wiring us for stress. Sub-conscious wiring over millions of the day.
Selena's journey from a crazy confused brain making poor decisions to finding the path and understanding how to change the brain.
Centuries of trauma can effect you ability to transform.
How mindset and brain training can reduce your waist size.
...and  much, much more. Tune in!!
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